Result showing withheld


I verified all my original documents at test centre mumbai on 18 sept during ph test then also my result is withheld?


i have the same issue -_-


Location for both of you ?


Little angel school,opp gandhi market, king circle,mumbai.


same problem mumbai 18th sept. result showing is with held…little angle school is the center how is it possible i am showing all my certificates to the elitmus invigilator


location : bangalore ,SJPUC


@richa_3197310 Go to Elitmus office directly.


Same problem with me , but for 4th Sept, Delhi Region.


same problem written on 4th sept. what to do to get results


mine is released, hope u got it too


for how long had your score been withheld ?


gave test on 4th sept. and got result on 28th Sept, today