Result of harman international

hi there,

Will all the candidate get mail about result(pass/fail) or only selected candidates will get the mail for going further

Not yet!!! Waiting!!

yup bro we are still waiting for harman & anybody attended QAPITOL Services?
DId anyone got the result?

Result is out…go and check your elitmus profile

It says attended … what does that mean?
What is your status?

Harman result?

whats your status?

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Attended only

wht is ur status?


from 104 member they will hardly 10 for further round…

It shows attended. Is anyone shortlisted?

Has anyone cleared the harman first round??

How to know whether we have cleared the test or not ? And there is no attended status over there

If you have been selected, u will be mailed of the same. Else it will show attended, and after a few days becomes ‘Not Selected’

Result out now
They will send you the mail regarding coding at 6 pm around

yes bro i cleared first round

how many qns u ansewered correctly ?

i got a mail too. Does anyone know what kind of questions will be asked in the coding round?

how can we say but it will be tough