Result Of Elitmus Taken on 4Th sept 16 in Mumbai

Its 23rd now, officially 18+ days, dont know why they are not providing the result. Can anyone provide with a contact number ??!

These people never answer the call…i tried many times.

The result is declared within 18 ‘working days’. I think it should be declared by the 28th.

Well, In most of the cases, it has been within 18 days of test, so I expect the same in my case. But…but…just cut it. :confounded:

And there were some holidays in between,

OK, you want holidays, go get your holidays - I will request eLit guys to make sure you get results after 3 months of holidays.

unless or until we are looking for interview through exam results this people won’t respond!

hello manish ,I am also anticipating for results from so much time, and just reminded about their 18 working days policy