Result of 4th feb accenture drive in delhi

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did anyone get result of accenture drive held on 4th february in delhi

Not yet.did you get?

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No just the status changed

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no…not yet

okk… just inform as soon as u receive any info.

I think they will let the result out after the 9th feb drive.

anyone who recieved the mail??


I recieved congratulations mail for clearing interview on 4 feb delhi

Yeah I too recieved that

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really @ankit_3175249???

You received the mail from Accenture .What is written in that mail

told u :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seriously yes got that just now

yeah, i too got that…

You received mail from donotreply.indiacampus

I also received congratulation mail from accenture , regarding clearing interview process .

I got a mail too . :slight_smile:

when was ur interview @dipti_3057592

4th feb. yours?