Result of 19th Feb Elitmus exam?

I haven’t got any update of the exam which was conducted on 19th of Feb, anyone can tell when will I get the result ?

Same here… It has been too long
OMR sheets should not take so much time

Same here… :sweat:

have you got ur result?

No actually they said to verify original docs. I didn’t bring docs at that day. You should send email if you are not getting result.

Okay… thank you…

Same here.
Please do let me know of any updates

Did you get the result.

no result till now…

Yes I got results on 15th march

Can u please share your scorecard?

Problem Solving-45
Your scores?

No they released themselves…

No I gave in mumbai

Yes, you have to show original marksheet to the nearest test center during test day or go to their office and verify original docs. I had faced same problem and confirmed through email.

Elitmus Contact
Email - or Call on - 91-7259 1047 92

They will take time but you will get response from email. Make sure to put reference no of elitmus and subject etc.