Reschedule of pH test

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Good Morning, myself Priyansh Sharma and my username is 4063756. I have scheduled my pH test on 01/11/2020 at 10.00 AM and my registration number is EL668250115310 Today I was notified by my college that I have a personal interview on 01/11/2020 from 09.00 AM in the morning. So I would request you to please reschedule my pH test for the next possible date. It would be a great help please reschedule it.

Thank you.

you have to do it by yourself by selecting your tests and rescheduling option.

i also have the same issue. but its showing that reschedule time is over. what can be done for it?

but its showing reschedule time is over. what can be done to reschedule?

Exactly mine is showing the same.