Request for Updating my name and DOB in account details

My name is Arpan Sanyal with E-litmus Candidate ID: 5301426. I want to inform you that the personal details section reflects Name as Arpan, (whereas my full name is Arpan Sanyal) and date of Birth as 01-December-1999 (My Correct DOB I had entered was 01-September 2000).

I urge to consider this as a serious issue as it might result in misperception that I’m deceiving of my name and Age.

My name is printed as only Arpan and Date of Birth is printed as 01-December-1999 which is wrong and my correct full name is Arpan Sanyal with Date of Birth is 01-September-2000.
I request you to kindly take necessary action to reflect the Correct Data.

Thanking You,
Arpan Sanyal