Remaxys Interview Result March 5

Does anyone received any mail from Remaxys about March 5 Interview Noida Drive Result?

what was your elitmus score brother because i applied too but didnt get called for test

Mine was 207…yours?

no, how was your interview

no, how was your interview.

It was good experience…Mostly questions were from Resume…Hoping for the best!

yeah same here, questions were asked from the resume only. So , any idea how many people might have given interview and how many will be selected

No idea bro…in my batch only 3 were selected for final interview…dont know about the other batch…!

yeah same here, 3 were selected

my score was 148 dammn thats too far away

Has anyone who attended the final interview at Remaxys got an update after the interview?

nope…Not yet

hi, what were the rounds?