Remaxys drive

Did anyone get called for the job? After the personal interview?

When you had your personal interview? N what you have been told by the interviewer?

After their screening test they gave us three questions and told us to write their answers on the papers. Then someone called the selected ones, one by one. He told me, they will let me know if you are selected or not. So i wanted to make sure, if the results has been out or not.

i was one of them selected , the interviewer had told me if you get shortlisted they will inform me by mail with in 2 working days. till now No response from them.

Haha are you the python guy or the other one? I was the one who was checking his cell phone. If you can recall.

Sorry bro! None of them. I was called on first shift. timing 10AM

Well , the interviewer gave multiple answers to every other candidate .He told me , that If we will consider u , u shall be called for another coding test,this tym of higher level & that would be notified through mail . 4 day now, no response.

He didn’t say about higher coding stuff , he just said , if they were gonna need you , they will ask you.

Any final shortlistings ??