Relevance Lab First Round

Does anyone got the result of the test held on 21 August ?

Not yet.

Pls, let us know if u get the mail.

Not able to contact elitmus center for the details of the same result,so please post if anyone gets the info.

please update if anyone have any news about the results of relevance lab test held on 21st august?

yes. interviews are also done on 22.

Interview on 22 ?? What does it mean brother ?

It means that i got selected in test and my interview was on 22 not on 23.
2 technical and hr done.

Thanks for the info. All the best for future


hey amit , when did u appeared for the written test, on 21st august or during the first week of august?

test was on 21st august at elitmus office banglore.
21st august evening, i got selection mail.
i surprised as it was written that interviews will start from 23rd august.
on 22nd august, 2 technical interview and hr.

Hey! after attending interview round, did you get any mail/call again from there???


okay. Thanks for the rply