Related Result of 13 August

I gave test on 13 August with my two friends at the same center and both of them got result on 19 August and my dashboard is showing “Your score is being processed. will be released soon”. should i wait or contact to elitmus office?

I would ask one thing and please answer. What about their result???Was it good?

13th of august is declared we are waiting for 6th of august resut

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What was your centre. I too have taken pH test on 13th of August and result are not declared yet.

Their result is not good


So don’t worry! It seems like they’ve published results earlier only for some candidates who couldn’t score well. It makes sense since they’d apply again earlier cause its business.

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Still waiting on the 6th Aug results

How do they know about those students that they didn’t score well without checking. And if they have checked than they also have evaluated of other students. And if they have evaluated then why they are not declaring it. Sorry to say but Your logic doesn’t make sense.

Enjoy yourself with your logic. I’ll take mine.

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