Regarding results

When can we expect the result of test which was held on 6th of aug 2017??

Ya when they will declare results I also took pH test on 6th aug ???

and When will the result of 23rd July

It is mentioned in the regulations PDF of the admit card as the results will be released 18 days from the commencement of the test but I posted this question as anyone who already took the test might reply to the question,but all my efforts is in vain :frowning_face:

In which city u appeared fr d tst?

Hyderabad Bro :slight_smile:

Not quite sure bout the xact date but these days they r taking around 15 days to release the PH score.

Oh is it!! Thanks bro for the reply as well as information :slight_smile:

It depends on your test city. You can get result in 3-4 days and at max 20 days. You can till then brush up your interview skills as well as apply for the interviews without the score. As the scores are declared you will get offers after a while only. Don’t panic, jobs will be coming and even if the date has passed you can get a call if you have applied for it. All the best !!

This is just absolutely rubbish policy by Elitmus. They give results of some cities within few days and let the results of other cities pending. Thereby giving undue advantage to only some students who have received the results to apply to companies and stand a chance to get shortlisted. They should and must declare the result of all the cities for a particular test day on the same day rather than variable. I took the test on 23rd July and have not received the result yet. First, they were saying documents have not arrived and now they are saying the issue is with OMR. They just say it will come on the 18th working day.

23rd August? Or 23 July? Anyways, really that’s the worst policy!

i got it today just a while ago

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Congrats! How is that? Are u a B-Tech guy?

Has anyone got the result of 17/7/2017 pH test ? Someone please reply _/_

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yes i am 2017

What is ur score ???

Did anyone got July 31, 2017 pH result ???..
Please reply !!!

Verbal 78.80 82.45
Problem 40 86.45
Quant 80 98.5

I’ve given the test on 30th July. Nope, no results yet.

did u get the result of 17/7/17 exam ? and what was your exam center ?