Regarding postponing my exam?

Can i postpone my elitmus exam?

i have u given elitmus exam??

ya u can postpone ur exam there is a option of rescheduling it.

Actually my exam is today at doon public school ,New Delhi at 10 am . But due some urgent work ,I will not be able to give my exam. So I want to reschedule it to 25 th of DEC at Delhi. . and the option of rescheduling has been closed. Please help me out.

u have spoiled ur money,u can give it next time by making another payment.

I have an exam on march 5th.But i want to postpone my exam to next upcoming elitmus exam dates.can i pay any extra amount to reschedule the exam .please do needful

no u dont have to pay any extra amount for rescheduling.