Regarding Jobs and. Score

1.I have scores of (in percentile) 68 in verbal;85 in PS;and 85.61 in Apti. in elitmus exam conducted on 23rd july.I noticed that this is slightly less than i initially got. What could be the reasons for my change in percentile.

2.I have got call from GEEKYANTS, HARMAN and AGILE MEDIA labs. What are my chances further.

3.What if i give another pH test. How will it effect my scores or percentile.

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Check this post-

You can take another test, your percentile will depend on your performance and previous tests will have no effect on your new score.

Your current scores are good. Verbal is slightly less as 70+ would be considered good.
Go for Harman as I have heard it is good.
As for your further chances, you may get calls from other companies but it also depends on your academics.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot man

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