Regarding interview location

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As my current location is Bangalore , in application of GeekyAnts for the event 2nd of January i had mentioned my current location and preferred location to Bangalore but i didn’t receive any confirmation mail for that event. Now i have received a mail that if i didn’t get any confirmation mail for that event then edit application and choose preferred location as Delhi or Dehradun for the event 12th and 13th January respectively. And i have applied again for preferred location Delhi . since my current location is Bangalore , Is it possible to attend the interview in Bangalore and if i will be selected then i can shift to the preferred location(DELHI).
Please help me!
Thank You

I too have the same problem. If you got any information about the interview location, let me know.
Thanks & regards
Brahma Reddy

I haven’t received my admit card from accenture yet and I don’t know the exact location to where to come. It would be great help if you could let me know the exact location and also about the admit card as soon as possible . As I’m boarding train from gwalior.