Regarding creatiosoft interview

Are we required to take documents (for verification purpose) tomorrow?
I’m asking this question cus they havnt asked explicitly to bring the documents. Instead there is an exam consisting of apti and programming questions.
Will interview take place on the same date or someday later?

Did u got the mail from craetiosoft and what was your score??

I got mail…a week back.
And my score is 206.
Tomorrow is the date for drive.

Okay thanx

Can you please share your experience for creatiosoft drive ?

Hii tell mee your experience

Are they simply giving the programs to write on any platform? Or are they mentioning the particular platform to write the code like in Java or C?
Thanks in advance

Paper will be of one hour duration.
It consists of 10 question from apti, 10 from reasoning and 6 questions from programming.
You can choose any language of ur choice to write the program.
It is a pen-paper mode exam. You will be provided A4 size sheets to write the answer.
Aptitude and resoning questions are easy…u dont need any special preparation to answer that.
Questions from programming will be from normal scriptinh questions like finding whether a string is palindrone, finding whether a number is prime or not, printing the permutation of a string etc. Questions from linked lists and trees are also asked. Sometimes from sorting also.
They shortlist around 40-50 candidates for 1-2 post.
You need to solve almost every other question to get the call for interviews as the competition is fierce.
They conducted the same exam for the same post on 21st jan of this year where they shortlisted 39 candidates for the same post.
I dont know why, they are conducting another exam for the same post after 2 weeks. Plus salary is a way bit too loo. 16k per month…even ola drivers earn 3-4 times more than this.

I solved all the quetions from apti and reasoning section correctly. In programming, i solved 3 out of 6 (as im from electrical, i aint that good in data struc). I didnt get call for the interview.

They declare the result after 5-6 days.