Regarding Accenture drive jan 06 2018, vasavi college Hyderabad

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I got a mail from Accenture. I uploaded the documents and my tasks are approved 5days ago. Any updates?

Has any one attended this drive?

When did U get the mail ?
I didn’t get anything after interview completed

I got the mail on 12 Jan, drive was on 6 Jan.

Better look for other companies.

Did you get any updates after your approval of tasks.

And when was your drive?

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My drive was on 06 Jan at vasavi college Hyderabad. No real update.

My drive was on Feb 11 2018.I too got mail after interview and uploaded my documents.
Do u got any information regarding ur date of joining and call letter

Did you get offer letter?

no i got link on feb 12th to create profile and to upload documents and all 15 were approved on next day but again today the status is showing that 6 approved aaand 9 submitted…