Regard hiring

I have less percentile in verbal ie 50 bt I got 80 percentile in problem solving n 80 percentile in quants. Is there any chance of getting call from company . Till now I didn’t got any.

You will get calls.
Which companies have you applied to?

Generally Verbal score do not matter too much. Quant and PS are important.

If you are 2018 batch, then you can take some time to prepare more and take the test again.

They are not showing company for applying , only the company’s for intern and that also for only 2017 n 2018 batch bt I am 2016 batch .
How I would apply for d company

Yes. Right now, there are no jobs for 2016.
You may face some difficulties as hiring for 2018 has already started.

You have to wait a bit and see drives in the upcoming month. You will surely get drives.

Thank u sir…thank u so much.
Ur words boosted me up ,n I m feeling little relax but not completely, till I get placed.

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Sir? Haha, I’m 2017 fresher so actually junior to you. :stuck_out_tongue:
Never lose hope. Keep trying.
All the best. :slight_smile: