I had received a call from Addnode technia but not selected in interview. now i got a another mail from Addnode technia to applie for interview but i am able to see it in my elitmus profile.
How to reapply from that compony?

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You can’t apply for that company for next 6 month

Ooooo thanks

What if I applied directly from the company website

Primary key will again won’t let you appear :slight_smile:

How do you know that you are not selected in interview ???

They said me after last round that you may leave for today and later I saw in my elitmus profile

How was your interview ??? I gave it yesterday
And same response was given to me by company

It was good . In first round they ask me to write 3 simple program . I done. And ask some questions about me and my knowledge. Then send me for hr I made mistake . I gave some wrong answer. That’s why they rejecte me.
But overall it was a good experience.