Re-take the ph test

I gave the exam yesterday(30th April)…Can i re-take the test?


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but…I have to reapply from different account?

you can’t do that, that will be cheating

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and elitmus can block your account

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okay…i dont know the rules…so that i am asking…so can i apply for the exam for 28th May??i have given exam yesterday

Yes you can

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You have to wait 1.5 months for reappearing in exam
If you try to be over smart and make another id your all id will be blocked and blacklisted by elitmus

give another test with best preparation, your higher percentile between two tests will be considered by the companies for shortlisting you for the interview


I was unable to give my scheduled elitmus test on 30 april, what should I do to get schlorship code

no idea, I have never been in a situation like this

Are u Sure wait 1.5 month to retake the test.? I taken April 2nd

Please anyone clear my doubt.

yes…Almost sure that you have to wait 45 days from that day of the test

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ThanQ …arunabha
I am taken april 2nd test can I retake test on may 14th.?

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Count 45 days from the date of your last test…you can schedule your next test after 45 days of your last test…Okkk…

I want to ask if my score in quant is very low but I have gud score in problem solving and English do I have chance to get interview calls

guys i have given the test 5 times but by quants percentle was less. suggest me some tips

will there be any problem if i give these many times