Query regarding PH test

this is my elitmus score…it was first attempt…did not really prepare much…just took the exam…will defintiely take a second time. i did not know that we could take the test almost every sunday.
How much should i score. and how many questions should i solve…i did not solve many in verbal since i took lot of time in other section. And probably got negatives too…in those section.

  1. You can take the test any number of times you want. But companies do keep a watch at the number of tries, so keep it as less as possible.

  2. To get calls your total score should be 130+.

  3. Minimum question solved (according to me) are 5 each in Quants and PS, 10 in Verbal. Attempt only if you are sure of solving. Negative marking drastically lowers your score.

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All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks…ill try again next sunday…the paper was not that hard…i am confident i could getat least 5 question for sure right. if i practice some topics.

Yes, that is the strategy. Focus on selected topics and master it. You did great in your first attempt.
Aim for 90+ this time.