Queries regarding HARMAN LEAP Engineer

Hello everyone, I got a mail confirming that I have been selected for further evaluation for the position at HARMAN as LEAP engineer. But the questions are-

  1. I am not coming from traditional CS/IT background, I graduated as an metallurgical engineer and joined one data science course which till now I’m continuing and which will continue till July, 2019. So is there any position related to machine learning/ data science there? Based on which they have selected me?
  2. I am currently working at an IT company so I have my work pressure as well. So if I get selected what will be the interview process and will it be flexible? As it may not be possible for me to take a leave and go for interviews.
  3. What kind of questions should I expect for online coding round?
  4. What kind of knowledge I must possess to be successful in the interview? I know machine learning quite well but my weakness is data structures and algorithms of traditional CS graduates. So is there any hope for me?
  5. If I get selected somehow for that job what will my growth curve look like? And how many things should I expect to learn?

Thanks everyone.