Principal interview

Is there anyone who has recently appeared for Principal Global services online interview. If yes please tell me how many rounds have you attended . Because I haven’t received any update after my first round interview, a puzzle and a questionaire since one week

What is ur percentile

Overall 92 percentile


I appeared for first round of interview on around 6th june and then puzzle round and questionnaire. One week later, on 13th june, I had another technical+ managerial round after that an HR round. But it’s been 17 days and no update? Anyone who attended these interviews and got any update?

@ritika06 i appeared for my technical round on 10th June and the puzzle round on the same day. After that i was sent a questionnaire on 12th June which I sent back answered the same day. I received an email 2 days back which said that i will be informed about further rounds by 3rd July. Waiting for further information now. By the way what type of questions were asked in the 2nd and 3rd round interview can you give me a little brief please

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Mostly project related that I did during my college days and main focus was on where do you see yourself in 5 years, like they wanted to know about further studies plan.

Thanks a lot @ritika06

Hey! I appeared for the first round as well as the puzzle on the 6th of June and then had to fill in that questionnaire. Post that I haven’t received any update.

@dustai same is the case with me bro…i received a mail this Tuesday which said i will be informed about further rounds by Friday night but that also didn’t happen

Same! No clear clarification is being given. Strange

Let’s hope for the best that the company is still looking to recruit

can someone tell me how was the first round on what topics was it conducted please

It was mostly about the projects you have done and basic coding logics

tq bro