Possiblities of getting call letter for an interview through elitmus especially for the 2015 passed outs...?

I am 2015 passed out…i just now heard about elitmus ph tests…can any share what possibility do i have

for 2015 , it is difficult, me from 2016, only one call I got but still no job

I have the following score @arijit_3291301
Subject Score Percentile
Verbal 48.80 56.12
Problem 56.30 94.92
Quantitative 26.30 76.95
Should I give elitmus again I am from ECE branch what is the chance of getting shortlisted does anyone have any idea.

I would suggest you to re-take the exam and try to score 80+ percentile in each section.

Coming to job per se, companies hiring through elimus are few and they happen once/twice in a fortnight.

It takes some time to a good job with elitmus. Better check walk-ins if you are desperate to get the job quickly.