Please share your Aptean HR interview experience

Please share your Aptean HR interview experience. Was it taken by CTO of company and there any technical questions?

My HR round was held on 22 Sept . She normally asked general HR question and after that she took me to CTO where he about my projects and few question on C. And what about u?

@indrajeet_3371346 any new updates for you?

not yet ;do u hv any idea about it?

when did you have your technical and managerial interviews? Are you from outside Bangalore?

I am waiting for HR round, They have posted job again on Elitmus… I guess they are not satisfied… :smiley:

On 22nd Sept and urs?

What’s is the event date ?

10th oct

But it not available to my profile is thr any reason for that?

so, did they tell you the final result. selected/not?

nope… just log out … then you will find it., it takes some time to get into list while loggedin…

19th … but not HR

What are the job listings available in your profile, if possible can you post a screenshot.

Actually there are no new openings showing in my profile for many days.

What list? Where is it given?

It’s not showing up for me. Hey, what’s your status for the job-attended, selected, not selected?