Please let me know If i will get any call or not! So that I can prepare accordingly

I almost have same score…i got calls from 3 out of 10-11 companies i have applied to,out of which i have to decline two because of non it/cs background.attended one and waiting for the result

i highly recommend you to retake the test to increase the chances…

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can u mention please which 3 companies u got the call from?
Actually, I have an offer from Wipro so I am trying for better, Will I have calls from companies offering around 4-5 lpa.

I got my results 3 days back and I applied for companies right then will i get calls from any of them ? or it takes time?

1.gradmener,pune 2.5lpa, 2. elitmus 3.6lpa, smart erp 2.5 lpa…its obvious i got calls from compnies which offer this(low) range of salary with my score…

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depends ranjeet, it depends on the company…just apply and see…
chance for getting calls from 4-5 lpa companies is less…if u have time retake the test and improve your sectional score…!

Sure Bro, I am preparing again and will reappear soon. This was my first attempt got the result 3-4 days before.

i guess problem is the total score it should be atleast 120+

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mine is 112.(something)!!! is it kind of strict barrier of 120 ?

Its not a strict barrier or something but to be safe and get most of the calls atleast 120+ is important whereas 140+ 150+ is considered good as i have read here only with quant and logical % 75+ or 80+.

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As per this my quant and logical is quite manageable still in next attempt i will try to do better in all three.
but in case if i did only verbal better and rest goes down! Will it be helpful?

when did you take your test?

i took test on july 23rd…got results on 1st august…!

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can u share ur results please.

Verbal 40/ 45 ( marks/percentile)
Problem solving 30/79
Quant 18.8/69

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From where did you prepare for quants and problem solving ?