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I’ve completed my B.E in 2016 but it was suppose to complete in 2013. I had few backlogs which I couldn’t clear in time.

I’m thinking of appearing for elitmus, what are my chances of getting a job? Will the above factor effect my chances? Also, I was working in Customer services for 3 years, will that experience be considered? I’ve done a certification in Data Analytics though.

Any help is appreciated, please do answer genuinely.

I have a confusion here.

  1. If companies consider you as a 2016 passout working then there will be some opportunities for you.
    Like CloudAccel Soft India Pvt Ltd and is taking both 2016 and 2017.

You experience will not be considered here since here companies offer development and service based profiles. But you can still apply to the above companies since they will take you as a fresher.

  1. if companies take you as a 2013 passout there will not be any jobs on eLitmus since the experienced job here want relevant experience in the field.
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Thanks for answering wali,

And idea which month mass recruiting happens? And which companies does mass recruitments? What should be my pH? And what should be the expected salary?

Thanks again

Do i stand a chance when mass recruitment happens or chances are pretty thin? What should be my approach dude?

Sorry for so many questions, I think you seem to possess good knowledge here. Kindly help me out.

Mass recruitment used to happen all year round.
Thinking about last year, Accenture did 15+ drives and CGI did 25+ drives in 2016 and hired tons of people. This year placement has been a nightmare and Accenture has done only 1 drive while CGI has not been seen till now.
Only these are good service based mass recruiters who offer salaries between 2.5 to 3.5 LPA.
There are some other handful of companies but they have bonds of 2 to 3 year like Sopra Steria, Attara Infotech.

All other companies recruiting here are either big product based companies or startups who want to hire candidates of only CS/IT/ECE branch for developer profile. Their selection process is rigorous and they hire only 1 to 10 people of all appliccations.

Keep your ph total score above 120 (minumum) to get calls. You should aim to get 85 to 90+ percentiles in all sections of ph test.

If mass recruiters come, then you will have a fair chance, but I have no idea whether they will come or not.

Which stream are you from?
If you are from CS/IT/ECE background and possess good programming skills, you could apply to startups since they are also new and desperately want a developer.

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Ok this was helpful, thanks again wali.
I’m from EEE background. Do they hire from EEE? And the companies that does mass recruitments ask for any programming skills?

Ok lets leave mass recruitments, which programming language is essential for getting recruited for most of the companies?

Mass recruiters will not ask very tough questions. They will ask basic to medium questions on C, Java, SQL. Maybe they will ask you to write basic programs like searching in an array or sorting.

For other companies which have higher salaries, it depends on the job profile. You need to check the job description and criteria and prepare accordingly.

See some examples below-

Bigbasket is hiring for Testing profile, so they will ask questions on Testing and will prefer knowledge on scripting languages like Python. (CS/IT only)

CloudAccel hiring for Software Developer profile and want good knowledge of Java, NodeJS and RDBMS.

DataMetica is hiring for Big Data Engineer and want understanding on Big Data, Data Science, Information Analytics and related technologies like Hadoop, JAVA, NoSQL.(CS/IT only)

As you see most of these companies want CS/IT only sometimes they take ECE also.
But as EEE you will have lesser chance here.

In mass recruitment you will have a higher chance.
If you don’t have programming knowledge, start with C and Java.
You can watch videos on YouTube by Derek Banas, thenewboston. [Search in their playlist for videos on C, Java]
You can refer to websites like geeksforgeeks where you can practice online also.