Plackal tech drive

anyone has any news regarding plackal tech

nope… not yet

still waiting

I got mail that u r shortlisted for plackal drive bt in my interview call panel there is no call from plackal tech drive . What to do now?

when did you receive this mail

Same here. Shortlisted, but not shown in the interview panel…

seems like they are only calling females.

i think you are right but they should have mentioned it

I got call letter and also shortlisted.


good luck for your interview
can u share your score??

Can you shere your score plz… and which year passed out you are

Thanka everyone,my score is 178 and 2016 passout.


They did mention that female candidates are encouraged to apply,maybe because their product is a women’s health app.They should have advertised that the job is exclusively for female candidates.

I also got the interview call… Do you have any idea , what sort of ques are the gonna ask for 30 minutes written exam?

My score is 161…
I have applied to plackal bt did nt received any mail regarding interview?
What should i do?

sit in a corner and cry to God to make you female


they should have mentioned that the job opening is only for female candidates
instead they chose to make us wait eagerly hoping to get the job only to be disappointed in the end.

i dont know satakshi