Ph test to job

What is the complete process after getting a good pH test score to grab a job? Please explain each step so that I can prepare well and I don’t lag in any section.

See the company requirement then prepare accordingly. Prepare only few things which company want

Thanx vishal

After you have a score. You can apply to jobs.
The process is simple.

  • Go to job listing page, find the job that fits your skills and apply.
  • They ask you to fill details about skills, any other scores, other job offers, uploading resume, etc.
  • If you get shortlisted, you will be informed about the interview. Most companies here conduct a take from home coding/aptitude test. Those who clear this round are called for further rounds.

Apply only if you are sure of attending the event. Do not apply and then change your mind. Not present at the events after applying is not good.
Search this forum for interview experiences. Glassdoor is also a good place to read interview processes.
Practice coding from geeksforgeeks, hackerrank.
All the best!

Thank you Wali

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