Ph test result for 28th March

I had given my Ph test on 28th March and today is 14th April and I have not got my results yet, did anyone get there result.?

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I also gave the test on same day, but there is no update yet.

Same here

same here !! so what are we supposed to do now?

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no not yet announced…this is ridiculous.

same issue

approximately how much time do they take to give the result, as today is 20th April and still have not received my results…

result still not released

Neither they have a valid phone number, neither they reply to mails and it has been 28 days and no result is declared. Won’t recommend this to anyone. Pathetic customer support.

Now it is 25th april


I think some Issues are going on may be …

did you guys got the result

Yes. 4 days ago we got the result for 28th march ph test.

Result announced :slight_smile:

I gave online ph test on 20th of March, and I am still waiting for my result, its 25th April today…I mailed elitmus team as well but got no reply.

Any updates?

same here

Same here. According what I heard from my friends they take around 15 days to declare the results. Now it’s 20th day from then still scores are in progress now how can we apply for the Jobs over elitmus if it takes this much of time to declare the results.