pH test query

I had a doubt regarding pH test. What if I attempt pH test once and got less marks but still applied to a few companies. Then decide to give pH test again. If I get the results will my new score be updated for the companies I applied for? Or will I have to wait for other new companies? Thanks in advance.

Suppose you scored 70 percentile and applied for companies.
Companies did not select you since they only wanted candidates with 80 percentiles.
You take another test, score 90 percentile.
Company will select you in the next drive on the basis of your new score.

[Companies can see all your scores. Best score is considered.]

I got good percentile in Quants this time (92) but my PS percentile was better the last time (96) and this time 83 so will they consider this? Also, the status is “applied” for all so do I have to apply again or they will automatically get the new scores?

Your new score will be sent automatically, and they will consider your best score.
Which score’s total is more?
I don’t think we can apply to already applied jobs.

the Total of my new score is more but percentile in PS and verbal are slightly more in the previous attempt.

A slight difference is ok.
Since your total is more, your new score will be considered.