Ph scores different

My second score is less
Will it effect anything?

When you apply for a company elitmus send all the test scores, so both the scores will be sent to the company and then they decide whether to shortlist you or not on the basis of highest score. The lesser score in your second test will not cause any problem if you are shortlisted by a company by the scores of your first test.
All the best :slight_smile:

actually my friend with almost same marks in elitmus and academics got call for multiple companies.
so i hope even get same amount of calls.
my second test marks won’t affect anything?

You will be shortlisted on the basis of your best score.
So don’t worry.
Prepare for interview.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot

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No your Second score will not matter if company’s shortlisting criteria is fulfilled by you first score