PH Score is Withheld?

I got notification like “Your PH score is Withheld” bcoz not verifying documents. I shown all documents in exam hall during exam. Anyone facing similar issue??

Yeah,Iam also facing the same issue.I have given the test on 3rd September and provided all the documents at the test centre itself,even though my score is withheld.what to do???

Go to elitmus office(hsr layout) with ur original documents and id proof along with your admid card( attached with photo). they will verify. my case it was their fault.

did you guys appear at lucknow centre?

Did they accept that it is their fault after going to Banglore (head office) or by email?
Did they release your score?

Yes. It was their fault, they are doing manual process so they do mistake, once verify ur documents & admit card(with photo), they release ur score within 24hrs. Mine relsed on that day itself.