PH score for Harman Drive

Does anybody have any idea on what’s the PH score should be to get a call for the Harman Drive ??

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In earlier drive they call 90+ score people and also see ur academic score but that drive was for other position and this is for other position…

I have a total ph score of 147.5.

Verbal- 90.51%
PS- 48.76%
Quant- 85.63%

X- 87.14
XII- 89.67
2017 ECE- 8.1 CGPA

Should i take retest or apply to HARMAN with these score?

i think you got a good score, actually i have a total of 140 and i got the call for last drive of harman which is for associate software…

Thanks bro

Can a score of 153.75 enough for next Harman drive for leap engineer? Or should I be taking a retest?