pH score for full stack developer

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my score is 180 quant- 50 verbal 90 PS 40 percentile 92,89,85 in same order, can i get a call for full stack developer at e litmus ?
Can anyone guide me how to prepare for its coding round ?


You have good percentile in all three, you will definitely get a call.
my score is around 214 but my PS score is quite low. what are my chances ?


Are u from 2016 batch ?


Yes, what about you ?


same batch, but from past three months no good companies(above 5-6 lpa) visiting elitmus, do you know when big and well known comapnies like cisco, McAfee visit ? Will they visit eLitmus for 2016 batch now or am I late in taking the exam, no opportunities ahead ?


No, I don’t know about. I’m new to eLitmus myself just like you!


i dont know would like someone to tell me also will i get call
Verbal 63
Problem Solving 40
Quantitative 20

overall 123 score


You will get the call. Prepare strings really well. Algos related to strings,if possible go for dynamic programming. Solve problems like longest common subsequence. All the best.


thanks a lot shivansh


my score is around 214 but my PS score is very low (17.29 percentile). what are my chances ?


My score is 174 bro… What are my chances??


not sure…but be prepared… all the best


174 is enough,if its around 80 percentile in all three sections, you will get the call for sure…


Thanks man :slight_smile:


It was my third attempt of pH test, will this affect my call ?


It should not… If you have good ph score,good academic record and no gaps/backlogs or have some experience ,depending upon the requirements of the company,number of attempts wont make much difference…but it is advised not to take more than 3 attempts.


Thanks for info