Originals were not verified

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I have attempted today’s test but I forgot to take my original certificates to the exam centre… they told you can verify it through elitmus website online .so could you please help me with this!!

What does you test score page say? Do you see any upload options?

Till last year there was no other way but to verify hard copies by visiting the office.

get info here

sir i am not getting this view please help me

Sir ,how I know that place where next test occur??

how i got the the venue because i dont give the paper that day

if u got that plss reply the same …because i also forgot the original docunment …so plss tell me the online procedure …

I forgot to bring my 10th & 12th original marksheets to the center, how will I get verified and how to know about the next test centres in other nearby city as it is disclosed after getting the admit card for next test.