hi ,
Recently I got an interview call from EXADATUM which I turned it down due to incovenience of location. Does elitmus keep track of the number of applied jobs and does it have any limits on the number of jobs one can apply?
I had applied to some companies like customised technology before appearing pH test and I am unable to apply it again. will my old application be considered?

  1. You can apply for any number of companies you like before your elitmus score expires(2 years)
  2. Don’t worry if you declined the call, if they still want new candidates they will shortlist you again for the later drive.
  3. It doesn’t matter when you applied for the company (before or after the test) Whenever the company will organize a drive again your score will be automatically sent to them. Once applied you don’t have to worry about applying again, but remember if you go for an interview in a company you won’t be able to attend that company’s drive again(for the same post) for 6 months.

Thanks a lot.