Offer letter received on 2nd march

Button with I accept the offer is not working.Has anyone else had or having the same problem??

u got offer letter for ase ?

same problem here


Yeah bro.

Did you send your query to Accenture via its candidate portal?

Was joining date and location mentioned in the offer letter??

Yeah I did and they haven’t mentioned joining dates and location.

any reply from Accenture??:sweat:

No bro, morning I sent d mail so it ll take day or two to respond him back.

Same problem bro…what to do?

Where did u send ur query?

@shubham_2986689 did you get offer letter?When was your drive? send d query to this mail so that they can make d link active.

7th jan

Mine was on 15th jan

yes i have also the same problem…

same here

Someone please send me your wats app no who got the offer letter .

Please give your ■■■■■■■■ no