Offer letter | Accenture 25th Feb | Delhi

Did anyone got the offer letter from 25th Delhi Accenture drive?

Not yet.




how many of you got offer letter?

I didn’t get but one of my friends got.

When your documents got approved ?

My documents approved on 9th or 10th March. Haven’t received the offer letter yet.

same here

I hope we will get after some time.

I have also not got my offer letter but my 15 task approved on 6th march.everyone will get the offer letter?

Do you have any idea how many of them have got offer letter?

No. What was your preferred location ?

Gurugram and yours?

Mine was bangalore.

All those who have got offer letter what was there preferred location …any idea

Yeah one girl was having gurugram only.

Don’t know on what basis they are giving and we can’t even say anything, as it was already mentioned not to take it as a letter of employment unless you get a formal offer letter.

She has got offer letter?