Obopay selection process

I have received an email regarding Obopay selection process. The evaluation process has two rounds consisting of written test and interviews. May I know what kind of written test will it be? Is it an aptitude test or Technical test? Also I would like to know the schedule/timings of the rounds as I have to book Air tickets (return) at the earliest.

Kindly reply as soon as possible so that I can accept the invite and book tickets accordingly.


may i ask that when do you apply for Obopay and what is your mark ??

I too have this question. We don’t know what kind of test it is going to be whether it is a aptitude test or technical. I have applied it on 20th june and my PH score is 94.63

Applied on May 14th and pH score is 94.15

When did you receive the said email? I applied on 23rd of june but I didn’t receive any email as such, though my pH test percentile is 99.68.

I recieved it yesterday afternoon.

May I know your acads please? As in 10th, 12th and grad.

In 10th it’s 95%, 12th it is 81% and in grad it’s 8.7 cgpa


10th - 95%
12th - 89.6%
Grad - 8.72 (upto 7th semester)

What about yours?

My 12th is just 62%, probably that’s the reason.

Did u accept the invite?
If so, is there any timings mentioned?

I received a mail saying it is both aptitude and technical test

Okay Thank you and yes there is timings mentioned and it is 8:30 AM on 29th June

Yea I saw 8:30 but till when? Any idea?

No it is not mentioned i hope this will take around 2 to 3 hrs. I am not sure though

My ph score is 116.23
10th -72%

still not getting call from obopay

Did you attended the interview? it is written aptitude test and written test… Do you have any idea what type of questions will be there in the test?

Hii, will you tell me what are the rounds had in obopay??

Will u pls tell did u receive calls earlier and from whom as i am in similar situation as yours