Oben general insurance

anyone got mail?
does anyone know about the company?

iam really confused about accepting/declining the interview

I am not sure also… There isn’t much details about the company

Its a start up… I think… Are u accepting or not??? Pls suggest me… How to prepare for further rounds??

Yes its a startup,i did accept because there isnt even single company in elitmus atm(i was really expecting cgi)

Accept it only if you can attend,otherwise you will get no show(3 noshow=blacklist)

from what i have heard,joining a startup is risky but you can learn alot

2 rounds java test and interview,study oops concepts, practice indiabix java tests,and just hope for the best :grinning:

Ok… Tq… What’s ur marks?? Did u got any call upto now???

170,previously went to accenture interview(status is still attended)

what is the interview quetion or which type of quetion will be asked