Nutanix | intern | 2018 &19

Did anyone receive an invitation for Nutanix - Member of technical staff intern 2018-19?
If yes, please share your ph test score.


Hi @avinash_3578627,
Did you get the call/invitation?


no, does anyone recieve a call??

Yes. I did.

Please share ur ph score and academic as well so that we can have idea about our chances of getting invitation.

please share your percentile details and is there home coding test ??

I have recieved the invitation from Nutanix. There is a take from home coding test scheduled for tomorrow. My percentile details are -
Quant-98, PS- 91, Verbal- 92, overall-98.

gud luck bro ,my overall percentile is 80.17 and logical -96 quant-83 and english-25 ,do i have a chance with this score ???

In my information, the shorlisted student has been mailed for locations like Banglore and Delhi. If you have selected a location other than above mentioned, then wait for a couple of weeks. Based on ur percentile, I won’t be able to tell.

lets see bro what happens I am also waiting, I selected Banglore location.

Did anyone get a mail containing test link for today’s nutanix online coding test?



Has anyone received an email regarding the 1st January’s event details from Nutanix ?

Hi Nipun,

Did you get any further details about the event ?

hey aviansh,how was your test. can you tell me exactly what questions were asked in coding test?

Post ur email. I will send u.

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It will be really helpful if you could mail it to me too.
Thanks in advance :innocent:

Aviansh, I am preparing for the pH test. Please suggest me, how I will get a good score?
Thanks in advance.

will you plz mail ques. of nutanix home coding round?