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Anybody got call for Nutanix drive?


I have received mail that we can refer… But how can I do it by my ID??

can you send it to

Anybody who got a call for NUTANIX

I gave the online test and did good, the status on the Application is written as Confirmed. I haven’t gotten any email, what does this mean?

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I gave online test of Nutanix. For one question all test cases passed. For another question,3out of 4 test cases passed.And 3rd question I couldnt complete.I have 1year 10 months experience.
What are my chances to get an interview call?

Please reply

What were the questions asked in coding challenge?
Where can I prepare them from? @aavgeen_3358873

Kindly share the questions types

Practice coding questions from Geeksforgeeks or Hackerrank. But the questions were not from these sites.They were medium level questions.

When u have this test?
I have received a mail from elitmus about the online coding test on 21 st Oct(today).
Could u plz help me whr I can give this test or any link to give this test.

u got the coding test link bro?

No bro…I haven’t recieved

did u got the call?


No I got mail from them tat I’ll get a link on 21st but I didn’t get

I got mail from elitmus tat my application is in process and I’ll get coding round on Sunday(21th)…but I didn’t get any link for coding.

I completed the coding challenge, which comprised of 3 questions. 1 was from arrays, 1 from stack and another one from graphs. The level was easy to medium. I completed all the questions, and all the test cases passed, however I’m yet to receive interview call.

PS: For all those who’re confused about the link where one is supposed to take the coding challenge, it’s here. (http:// )

Guys, please let pepole know here once ypu receive further communication from nutanix.


I am also waiting for some response from Nutanix side.