Not getting interview calls?

I have above score. I have been applying for jobs since 17 September 2017.
But I am yet to receive any interview calls?
My academic scores are
B. Tech. 63%
XII 74%
X 86%

Relax bro. The companies conduct drives every month. Don’t worry. You will get calls in next month. I applied to Optimus on 20th AUgust, got call on 22nd September. I applied to Ezeiatech on 2nd July and got call on 1st September. Have patience. Your score is really good.


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Hi, Did you get any calls yet? and can you tell me how does the PH test work

I have got selected in

hey shubham,I have attended ezeiatech interview on 10th dec and in elitmus website the status is offered but I didn’t get the call yet. Do u know after how much time ezeiatech calls?

If status is offered, it means you are almost recruited. Wait for last round or joining.