Not getting interview calls, 2017 batch

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I have 80, 67 and 93 percentile in verbal, PS, quant respectively. I was getting lots of calls a few months ago but nowadays i am not getting a single interview call. Are my scores low? Should i take the test again?

What are your academics marks?
Maybe because of slightly lower percentile in PS you are not getting calls.
Which companies did you apply to earlier?

i have 69.26%, 73% in 12th and 83.6 in 10th.

I am also facing same problem.

Brothers here, I’m facing the same problem. My last call was in mid Sep.

I believe that jobs are less, so there are no interview calls

ya me also same
quants 86
verbal 90
prbm solving 62
intially i got lot of calls,even for high package. Now i am not getting calls

same here
no calls after September.

yes me too …had last call in sept mid
verbal -82.5
quant - 98
most probably due to less companies i am not getting shortlisted.idk the reason btw???

should we contact elitmus about this

Bro, I’d called elitmus about this. Firstly, he asked me whether I was able to apply for any companies or not. I said I’m able to apply. Then I asked what could be the reason for no calls. He said they couldn’t exactly tell why. He said it depends upon companies. He then asked me to go through the help section.