Not getting any company call

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I gave my elitmus test in july and scored a good percentile of 83 overall but still not getting any call from companies.
my details -
college - SGSITS indore
year if passing - 2017
branch - civil
i am completely comfortable in working any company, it doesn’t matter if it is of core civil or not, i have a good knowledge of programming and front-end web development

Which companies did you apply to?
It may be because of your branch. Its been a long time since I saw a job post with “any branch” criteria.
Usually companies want EC/CS/IT.

I have applied to every company which are recruiting for freshers but no one responded

Mr. wali I know a lot about front-end web development, just need a cance to proof myself, is there any way to apply for companies in elitmus without getting my branch in way.

There is no other way. I am also a student like you.
Keep applying. It sometimes happens that even CS students with good score are not called.

You have to wait for service based companies like Accenture/Glassbeam/Replicon. They may come in November/December.

@samartaj_3303186 AMCAT just slipped out of my mind.
Did you take AMCAT? There are a lot of job post through AMCAT.

I found some web development profile posts here-

[I have no idea about the companies or the selection process.]