Not getting any call

i Have scores 98 in verbal, 76 in quant and 88 in problem solving but now i am not getting any interview call and i m doing dual course + i have completed my credits in 2016 and credits will get completed in june 2017. i want to know why am I not getting any call?

Don’t wait.

Please try for applying Amcat.

I know about amcat…but I want to complain …I emailed to elitmus but didn’t get any reply …and I also try to contact them but was failed …so I want to know …is there any contact number where I can talk about my query …because I have reasonable score so I can expect calls
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Shortlisting for a company doesn’t depend only on your scores.

At this score, you haven’t received any calls? surprising. Which companies have you applied to ?

i received 4-5 call initially and i used to apply for the company which came to delhi … i did not apply for any company out of delhi…but i recently i applied for 2-3 companies and did not received any calls…it is happening because companies are hiring for 2017 pass out batch. As my course is dual …i have completed Btech credits in 2016 and mentioned that in profile and recently updated my mtech details that i will be pass out in 2017

i have u given elitmus exam?? What is urscore?

my score are verbal 98,problem solving 88 and quant 76