Not able to login

anybody able to login in exam for cleartrip?

Not a registered user.

I logged in but not able to load challenge. No option to do the same.

do u also have same prob?

logged in on first attempt?


have u attempted any other coding challenges in codelitmus before?


No. This is my first test through codelitmus.

Hi, I have my cleartrip coding test schedule right now, but not able to login. It is showing that you are an unregistered user. So if anyone, who get logged in succesfully, please help me

same problem with me too

same problem …not a registered user

Same problem with everyone guys.

anyone find luck with login than please imfrom here

i have attended once

hey test is loaded . try to login once again.

open webcam before logging in…u get the challenge

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The codelitmus platform is working now. Try reloading if it shows not registered.

but is the test link available on your account? I am able to login but there is no link for any test !!