No other option showing in preferred location

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I had filled my preferred location as Delhi for a company’s selection process. I received an invite for Bangalore location for the interview. While declining with reason as location incovenient, there was an option to update the preferred location. But there was no other option other than Bangalore in that. I went ahead and declined. Now my application is updated as Bangalore with preferred location. It was updated as Delhi earlier. How do I change that? I am unable to edit the application either.

You cannot edit the application once you submit/accept/decline.

Which drive are you talking about?

Amadeus Placement Drive. There was no other option other than Bangalore, so I had no other option. Now my preferred location shows as Bangalore, which was earlier showing as Delhi. There seems to be some technical glitch.

May be, Amadeus has cancelled its drive in Delhi and will now conducting in Bangalore only.
P.S for confirmation, you should call elitmus support.

Hi!, Were you able to change it? Please help as i also wanna change event location!