No jobs for Mechanical Engineers

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I went through the jobs list in the portal after taking the test and there is not any single job with eligibility criteria mentioning ME engineers. Now even after having a good elitmus score i can not apply for those companies which only need good analytical skill. If i verify the data and apply for companies ignoring the eligibility criteria will they consider the application.
I after going through the discussion i found that Accenture allows all branches to participate, when will its next drive commence ? please help!


biggest prob wid elitmus is they don’t provide jobs for ME Engineers

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i’m a mech grad & feel cheated after giving elitmus

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Can we atleast ■■■■■ an interview by the help of elitmus score including it in the resume.


Im a mechanical grad working as design engineer in oil and gas domain and going to write the test next month please suggest.